Friday, 1 January 2016

Spicy Fish Restaurant, Glen Waverly

Shanghai food is mostly spicy, salty and oily and this shop offers all three in their Szechuan specialty. Located amongst rows of Asian food in Glen Waverly, the food has to be good since there are so much competition around. 

It looked like the usual quissential Chinese café and the patrons were mostly Asian too! A good sign I would say of whether the food is good or not.

We started off with Pu-er Chinese tea (there's others too and even soft drinks etc).

The Spicy Fish was a very HUGE portion of fish fillet cooked in chilli oil with a generous amount of bean sprouts tossed in. You will definitely feel the heat if you chewed on any of the cracked Szechuan pepper or chilli hidden in between bites. It was a rather salty dish but I enjoyed it even with my low chilli tolerance.

PS: Do not drink the liquid. It's just salty chilli oil meant to cook the fish in.

I love this spicy number here. It's French beans cooked with spicy chilli flakes and crunchy dried shrimps. The fragrance of the shallots or garlic made this one of my favourite in the shop. However, the spiciness of this dish slightly surpasses the fish dish.

Out of all the spicy dishes we ordered, the Mapo Tofu below surpassed all of them. It was really spicy and I had just a spoonful or two and that was enough for me to down half a glass of water! Even then I can still feel the heat~ LOL. If you like your food really hot, this would be a good choice.

The mixed vegetable with mushrooms and asparagus was really delicious with plenty of different mushrooms inside: button, enoki, black, straw etc. I loved it although it is slightly on the oily side. Did I mention it is Shanghainese? 

The crispy duck was a very different one compared to what I was used to. The skin was still crispy, no doubt but the tender duck meat still held a very strong flavour of the duck; unhindered by any seasoning or spices. It was quite salty like most Shanghainese food but I guess this was a pretty good dish. I did not particularly like it though. 

Overall, dinner here was great and food was certainly above average. Portions were huge and worth the price paid. Definitely coming back for a second visit.

Spicy Fish Restaurant
97 Kingsway
Glen Waverley VIC 3150

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