Sunday, 24 January 2016

Western Palace Restaurant, Grand Palace Miri

I have always liked Western Palace just because it is one of the few western joints in Miri which offers relaxing music (they have pianist playing soft music every night) and their food was also not bad at all, better than some newer hotels' (like Meritz where I had very bad experience). Granted, sometimes they do not serve the correct cut of meat as advertised (which was a few years ago) but now they definitely have improved.

Their oxtail soup was simply amazing. I have been disappointed by many restaurants and cafes before as Malaysian shops seemed to think that the local "sup tulang" is OK to be served in a Western restaurant alongside their usual mushroom soup. I have no problems with it but it would be pretty misleading if they do not put the word "Local Oxtail Soup" when they put it up with the rest of the western dishes. I usually expected the creamy, rich red broth synonym with the western Oxtail soup to be let down again and again. This did NOT happen here. They served up a very delicious oxtail soup, one of the best I have had and I was soooo happy to polish off the whole bowl.

We had a few of their steaks and also their lamb which did not disappoint. In fact, I found their steaks done to perfection this time around. I ordered Medium Rare, a rather difficult find in Malaysia especially since I do not appreciate restaurants overcooking my steaks or cooked them to such a state where they might be rare but the outside of my steak lacked all forms of caramelisation. Thankfully, during my last visit here, they managed to get it just the way I love it!

The lamb rack was also not bad at all as the lamb was tender and the accompanying sauce was delicious. I just couldn't get enough of my steak though. If I were to come again, I would probably have the steak again just because it was THAT good. Haha.

The avocado juice on the other hand was mediocre. It was pretty tasteless actually. While I appreciate the thoughtful gesture of not adding any sugar to the freshly squeezed juices, avocado on its own is always pretty bland although it is creamy. Some "gula Melaka" would probably elevate it to a much higher level. I do not like Chocolate syrup on my avocado juice although some cafes usually use that. I ended up having to ask for some syrup to "improve" my juice.

Their coffee was alright, the usual you get from good coffee beans and a coffee machine. I do not sound pretty impressed I know but it is I said, alright.

I would definitely give them a big thumbs up and come back soon for more dinners if I am in town.

Look for them at the ground floor of Grand Palace Hotel Miri. :)

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