Thursday, 7 January 2016

Chinoz, KLCC

I met up with a good friend the other day and we ended up in this cafe for our tea break in KLCC. It was pretty famous for their mains but their tea break was my first time.

I would say the environment was pretty nice for chit chat and catching up even though the service was not really as good as you would expect from a classy joint. The waiter was pretty brusque when we asked for an extra menu and extra seat as hubby initially thought about joining us. Humph! Meanie waiter!

Anyway, we had the peanut butter cake and rainbow cake. My friend and I both loved the peanut butter cake. It had crunchy chocolate chips and flakes on top of the peanut butter icing which was just amazing with the soft sponge cake. The chocolate ganache on every three layer helped bring the whole thing together too!

Despite the excellent peanut butter cake, the rainbow cake was a miss in my opinion. Granted, it looked really pretty and each layer had a significantly different flavour which was quite alright on soft sponge cake layers, but the amount of butter cream on each different layer made the experience slightly nauseating once you had more than a few bites.

I did not try the iced coffee my friend had but the hot cappuccino that I had was excellent. Therefore, I figured the iced coffee or latte should fare quite well too!

Maybe when you happened to be in KLCC, give their cakes a try for your teabreak. 😊

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