Saturday, 9 January 2016

La Bodega, Empire Subang Jaya

Dinner was at the Empire, Subang Jaya. After my last visit a few years ago, we finally revisited La Bodega again. I must say, nothing much has changed except the hike in their prices. LOL. 

We had a glass of lemon lime and bitters each and it was amazing! I couldn't get enough of it. The hint of lemon and line was just right that it felt refreshing and each sip (more like gulp in my case) felt soooo good!

Next up, the squid ink paella. The portions of the paella was quite small here so if you have a big appetite, I would recommend ordering the two person's portion so you could actually feel satisfied. They had a lot of squids inside and the dollop of garlic cream on top was  to die for when you stir it in.

The seafood paella was quite alright in my books but Hubby preferred the black squid ink's version. This one had wedges of lemon for you to add to the paella. You will then get a hint of citrusy tang with each bite. The gigantic prawn was succulent and the clams were fresh too!

We enjoyed our meal immensely although Hubby was still hungry and we went around looking for snacks after  dinner. LOL.

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