Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Diner Spot Cafe, Miri

This is a recent addition to the eating scene in Miri. Finally today we decided to give it a try. At first glance, the menu is pretty limited especially if you are looking for oriental dishes for lunch meals. The prices are slightly higher too compared to its other competitors like Lotus Cafe. Ambience-wise, it is extremely cold inside. LOL. Air conditioning are turned to their maximum I think and maybe because the shop is new. We had to change seats because our first table was directly under the air-con and it was so cold we were uncomfortable. Haha. It is actually the coffee house for Grand SH Hotel but it looked pretty much like any other air-conditioned cafe here.

The three layer tea special. For RM5.50 a glass, it is very nice. However, if I would probably go back to Lotus since it is cheaper there and the three layer tea there is good too.

The coffee "Tarik" (pulled local coffee) is also RM5.50. I actually like their coffee although my sis thinks it is a little too sweet. Heh! I got very sweet tooth, so maybe that's why.

The Sarawak laksa would set you back RM6.50. It was alright but not as good as the one opposite Permaisuri Mall (28 Kopitiam?). 

The Nestum fish rice was also not bad. Portion was a good size as I get a bite of fish with nearly every bite. 

A point to be considered is that they do not serve pork here. So if you are not too particular about the HALAL status, this  could be an option for dining.

They are located at:
Lot 802 & 803, 
Jalan Bintang, MCLD,
98008 Miri.

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