Monday, 18 January 2016

Klang Bakuteh @ Miri

My usual fave bakuteh in Miri is at Centrepoint Miri but somehow everytime I felt like having it, the shop would be closed. Maybe I just always happened to crave for it on their off days? Anyway, the same thing happened again a few days ago and we decided to go to another bakuteh place along Jalan Permaisuri, Klang Bakuteh (that's their name, not the bakuteh from there). 

It's not our first time and having sampled their dry version of bakuteh (not a fan), I usually just stick to the usual soup version nowadays. That day we felt like having something else and my dad recommended their Assam fish. 

I did not regret ordering their Assam fish at all. It was so good I finished nearly everything in that claypot; even the broth!  I personally felt it should be their trademark dish rather than the quite mediocre bakuteh they served. 

Service left a lot to be desired as they left out our order of a stir fried vegetables, and it was not just our table. I overheard a few tables complaining over their missing orders while we were there too.

Would I be back? Honestly? Only if my usual shop closed and I would be there most probably for their Assam fish. 

PS: their yao char kwai was quite chewy and not as good too!

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