Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bar Steak Recipe

Today, I made bar steak...My personal fave...hehe

around 400g of minced pork (lean meat)
3 tbs sesame oil
5 tbs light soy sauce
5 eggs (beaten with a lil salt and pepper)
3 potatoes (cut into slices)
1 whole carrot (cut into slices)
2 tomatoes (cut like oranges)
1 big onion (cut into dices)
abt a small bowl of tomato sauce...roughly 12 tbs mixed with a tbs of sugar, some dashes of salt and pepper

1) Subject the carrot and potato slices to deep frying. Remove from wok and soak up the excess oil with some scott towels
2)Heat up the oil. After ingredients in "A" was mixed up thoroughly, scoop one tbs of the mixture and dump into the eggs mixture before taking that whole tbs up and put them into the hot oil. Repeat until all the mixture was done. PS: Once brown, remove each "mini meat patties" onto a plate.
3) Heat a lil bit of oil and fry the big onions until slightly brown. Add in all the "fried" potatoes and carrots and mix well. Next, add in the tomato sauce mixture and after stirring, add in about 1 to 1.5 cup of water (uh, the cup's actually the drinking mug in my should be about 250ml up to 300ml of water). To check, the whole sauce should be still thick even after adding in the water.
4) Remove half of the sauce to keep for dinner. Same thing for the "meat patties". The rest, just add into the wok and stir. Serves about 5. (The whole thing)

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