Saturday, 16 May 2009

Hainan Kitchen Restaurant

When you're in Genting, aside from the fast food chains, there's quite a selection of coffee shops and restaurants. And if you're like me, having bought the Holiday Card, you can't exactly use it in the fast food chains so you gotta turn to the remaining restaurants unless you feel like having buffets in the many hotels...LOL
It's my first visit to Hainan's and I'm not least, not really...
The salad is really bigggggg....for RM9.90 it is really worth it...LOL...and don't get me wrong, I'm not much of a vege person but this salad comes with a lot of meat...YAYYYY~~
There's duck meat, chicken, ham, some cheese, olives, eggs, the rest you can figure out from this picture below...=P
But the char hor fun or kuey tiao with beef is not that good I guess. Maybe cause I've tasted better...=)
The milk tea=average

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