Saturday, 16 May 2009


Since there wasn't much cafes and bistros in Miri while I'm back for the holidays, usually I'll just end up in Delifrance with my lil sis to munch our way through all those dishes they have...muahahha*evil laughter*. It is sometimes a lil too much for our tummies though as they kip on expanding....*sob* and hence my waistline...*grins*

The bread pudding (comes with strawberry ice cream-not rili one of my fave)
I am not a fan of the taste of mushy bread either so this dessert is certainly not one I'll choose to have in the near future. Not that I chose to have it this time too as it comes with the lunch set that I ordered.
Stew lamb shank...the presentation is nice, way better than Secret Recipe's but the taste is about the same i can't really change the way stew is supposed to taste I guess but the mashed potato is nice...(underneath the gigantic lamb leg?)

The chicken with mushroom sauce...they rili love putting mashed potato as the foundation under the meat here...hahaha...Not that I'm complaining though...

Uh, the 100plus...hahah...dunno why I took this pic also...anyway, since it's already there, might as well post it...

The coffee...isn't it cute? They included some cookies to go along with it...=)

Apple berry...THUMBS UP...the passion fruit or sumthing's is also very nice...din take photo of it that time but it looks about the same...both the apple and passion berry
Uh, the lobster-something-soup...Not very nice in my opinion...tasted like tomato paste with lotsa herbs like oregano and something else...

Brioche Ocean with Cheese Sauce or something
It is pretty nice for a bun...there's some prawns and squids inside with a cheesy cream sauce...

But the croissant is nice...I remembered I used to love having those croissants for my lunch when I was small...=)

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