Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Coffee Island, Penang

It was my first time there but one thing for sure, the environment is NICE. There's also free wireless and also computers available for the customers...usually in most shops there are wireless but computers?? Hahaha, this shop definitely tops it.
However, my first impression on the service was definitely not good. I had to wave around for like 5 minutes before we were given our menu. Next, to order, another few minutes in trying to grab the waitresses' attention. Sheeshhh... Another 5 minutes before we can get the bill...
Oh well, the food's ok I guess. The orange juice was nice and presentation was Ok.
As for the chocolate ice blended, well, it wasn't that good. The chocolate was rather watery actually...Hmm....

The pandan chicken. It is definitely not like the picture in the menu. As for the taste, it's pretty normal but edible I guess.
Ah, the fried deer meat with dried chilli. Thumbs up for this one. NYUMMY!
The seafood char hor fun. Uh, the ingredients are there. But the taste is a little lacking. Not to mention the unimpressive presentation. One good point though, they give you a very generous amount of chilli. I got two big saucer on request.
I forgot the name of this dish but it's pretty good. Crispy and pretty to look at...they comes with the chilli sauce.

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