Friday, 15 May 2009

John King, Mid Valley

As I was walking around Mid Valley a while back, I saw this lil stall selling all kind of pastries. Intrigued, I walk closer and when I saw most of their products are egg tarts, all varieties of them, I decided to buy some to try...namely two.

They recommended their durian egg tart and also the original one...The one under this is the durian one with a pastry skin and the bottom one is the original egg tart in puffy skin (haha..duno how to describe the difference and since I dunno the name, that's the best I can do). Anyway, as much as I love durian, maybe durian mixed with egg custard is a lil too much for me. I don't really like the taste. However, thumbs up for the original one. NYUM~

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