Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sweet Chat

A while ago I was simply crazy about eating at this cafe in KL. Every few days I'll be there to report myself. LOL. Anyway, I like having their tea set for one cos of the scones. Sometimes, if it's not time for the tea set (only at 3-6pm), I'll order something else from them such as the strawberry beancurd thingie, the banana pancake, etc etc. I'll just name some of them. I couldn't find some of the pics I have taken when I was there. Oh well, will upload them if I came upon them since my laptop is now "sick" and I only have the pics from my hp or pendrive. *sigh*
The Mango Pudding or sumthing...the menu says it'll be a lil spicy but I think the so-called spiciness is not there even though some branches use quite a lot of ginger...It's actually pretty good.=) The banana pancake. Honestly, I prefer durian pancake but cause I've never had any banana ones, thought I will give it a try here...
The irish coffee (one of the waiter recommended it...according to my sis, it's very nice but since I don't drink coffee...I wouldn't know=P)
The grass jelly with mango in coconut milk (din notice the "coconut milk" tag when I was I was in for a surprise...would have prefered them with milk actually)
The chez bites or sumthing set. They are basically toasts with a lil chicken or meat topped with cheese...Um, tasted like what we could have easily made at home. Hehe...Not rili worth the price paid.
Here comes my fave~SCONESSSS
Another kind of soda with some sorta cordial with a fancy name...dunno why my sis n I kept ordering this kindof drinks...
I noticed that there's a lot of pics I dun have rite now but will post them up as soon as I find them.

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