Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bella Italia, Pulau Tikus

Actually I felt that the food here was just OK but my friend was raving about the food after we're done so I guess different people have different taste. And once again, I din have the pics from my 2nd or 3rd time there but here's just a few of the dishes I have tried. The best thing there I think is the tiramisu. It was nyummy...but the cocoa powder was a lil overloaded so you gotta be careful not to breathe will you have a spoonful of that in front of you. Otherwise you'll choke on the powder just like me...Oh God! *swt*
Cod fish cooked with eggplant n tomatoes or sumthink liddat...Uh...also average to me

The seafood pizza

Honestly, I think the drinks here are cheaper compared to other restaurants like this. This is the orange juice and below it is the chocolate milkshake. NOTE: the choc m.shake is very cheap. I think it's just around RM6 sumthing.
The seafood's a bit bland for me...=)
This one's the chicken I think
The appetizer's nyummy maybe cos I liked the very few pieces of smoked salmon they put in...hahaha..

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