Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sharks fin soup recipe =)

Since there's a small pack of sharks fin in the house, guess what? I made sharks fin soup for dinner. I know I know, I'm not exactly very animal-friendly...in this case...sharks...
After googling for the recipe...I modified most of the recipe into my own...hahah...
Reason: I'm using really fine processed (shredded) fins...so I'm not going to soak them for 8 hours overnight etc

a pack of fine shredded fin (not sure how many grams is that)
4 chinese black mushrooms - sliced finely into strips
about an inch of ginger (should be lesser I think cos I think it is too much when I'm done)
1 whole chicken thigh (can be lessen but I do not have chicken breasts at home)
sesame oil
some garlic
some black vinegar for seasoning
a lil rice wine (about a big tablespoon)
chicken stock (Maggi's or Knorr's) - or you can make it the conventional way ie by boiling water with chicken bones, pork etc
3 eggs
corn flour
some prawns (shell-less)

1) Boil some water. Put in the chicken thigh/breasts (whichever one you're using) when the water is bubbling. Leave it for a few minutes or when your chicken is cooked. Do NOT throw away the soup as it can be used as the chicken stock later. However, if you are just gonna use this as the stock, the flavour is not enough. So, this is where the chicken stock from Maggi's or Knorr's come in. I used 2 cubes as my pot is pretty big. So adjust it to however much water you are using. **To be explained later on the stock. Anyway, back to the chicken. Deboned it and tear it into strips and if you are using chicken with skin, throw away the skin.

2) Heat up the pot. Use about 1-2 tablespoon of sesame oil to fry the ginger until fragrant. Add in the mushrooms and prawns. Then add in the water you used for boiling the chicken meat. Add in more water after that. Total of the content in the pot should be around half of the pot. My pot prolly holds 5litres of water so this should be around 3litres. Next, when the water has boiled, add in all the chicken shreds followed by a tbs of rice wine, the chicken stock cubes and stir. Simmer for about 10minutes and if it is not salty enough, you can add in a tbs of light soy sauce (I added it for mine). Then, mix up 3 tsp of corn flour to 2 tbsp of water and pour the mixture into the soup. Leave the soup to boil in medium heat and then pour in 3 eggs from a bowl slowly while stirring all the while. Last of all, put in the fins and stirr for a while and turn off the fire. (I added the fins last cos of its fine texture. However, for coarser fins, they have to be added early on in the soup).

3) Garnish soup with some black vinegar and a lil fried garlic.

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  1. i tink u shouln't put in the ginger...hmmmm....just a thot...



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