Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Marina Seahorse Bistro II, Miri (EWWWW)

Since there is another restaurant with the exact same name near to this current one that I've highlighted...I will put in the address of this specific "restaurant".
Lot 280, Ground Floor,
Brighton Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak

This is the one shop that I will not go to again in the future...Normally if a restaurant produces a bad dish, they will still have some dishes that I will find OK and therefore, warrant another visit but in this case, this shop fails on even that small requirement...which makes me wonder why isit still open till now...No offence...and there are still people who frequented the shop...So, maybe there are redeeming qualities in this shop but for me, there aren't...(based on my first and last visit to the shop Last Friday)...even the quality of the service is TERRIBLE...cause sometimes even if a restaurant is not so good in terms of the food, if the service is good, sometimes I still will visit that shop again...

My sis: I'd have a honey wheatgrass with lemon (it's in the menu)..
Waitress: No more...
My sis: Oh, ok...nvm...

(However, when I asked for my bill, around an hour later, I saw some customers at my neighbouring table having that exact same drink)

Me: Excuse me, but is that wheatgrass they're having? I tot you said no more..
Waitress: Just arrive...

(makes me really wonder is there any delivery of the goods at nite?around 9.30pm?hmm...if there really are...then ok...maybe I'm wrong...)

Another part of the nite:
Me: What's the difference between your cottage pie and chicken pie? (it's in the menu)
Waitress: I've never seen the cottage pie. The chicken pie is uh...quite small..uh...
Me: Ok...nvm...I'll just have the chicken pie (decided not to ask her further since she seems to find it so hard to explain)
Waitress: No chicken pie
Me: Uh, oohhhkayyy....

Anyway, just to cut a longer story short, we had oxtail soup, a Hawaiana pizza and a plate of chicken wings. Before I even go further, the menu was depicted as below:

So if you are me, you will probably be expecting a reddish-brown creamy oxtail soup right?since it IS under the western column...well, surprisingly, this shop produces a local oxtail soup ie a clear and peppery-like "sup tulang" type...the famous local version of oxtail soup...duhhh...obviously a shop who can't even get their categorisation skill right in the menu shows a lot of their "talents" even before you get to their kitchen eh? A small bowl of the local soup cost RM10...hmm...doesn't even look that appetizing in this pic huh? But then, it is pretty average I think. The shop near the main road on the way to Imperial's serve better for cheaper price...=) Next up, the chicken wings. After the disappointing soup, I should not expect much but sad to say, the wings surpassed my low expectation ie...it is even worse that what I would have expected. I can even taste the salt-crystals...imagine that! Either it is the salt or the granules of stock or sumthink...the point is, after braving through my 3rd piece of wing, my tongue and lips feel swollen...hmmmm....what I can't imagine is that it is already salty enough on its own and yet, it comes with a bowl of soy sauce...with bits of small chilies (cili padi)...ironic isn't it?

My sis and I couldn't take it anymore so we decided to leave the few pieces left to rest...hehe

As for the pizza, and the menu is as below:

However, I could not find a single piece of chicken in the whole pizza. And I've really looked. See???

As if that is not bad enough, the whole thing is pretty tasteless and comes with a lil sourish smell (I suspected it is the puree but that is forgivable...I mean, sometimes puree can smell a lil sourish when overcooked...I think...hmm...or not?). The worst part is that the whole pizza patty is covered with flour..I mean I could understand a lil powder due to the need to powder our hands when handling the dough but this is ridiculous...

Oyeah, after messing around with two pieces, we still has two left so...

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  1. the soup is saltyy tooo!!! my sister forgot to mention that!! **yucky yucky**

    and the pizza tasted like there's alcohol in it, tho my sister says its tomatooooo puree >.<



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