Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Paddington House of Pancake

This is among one of my fave place to eat. Before this, each set prolly cost around RM25 and above but nowadays there's the set lunch n dinner promo making dining here cheap~@@

This set above comprises of and I quote the menu "American stacks with brown sugar glazed lamb leg, served with mashed potato and ham bits pancakes". It's around RM36 but honestly, I won't be ordering it again anytime soon. LOL. I dislike mushroom grilled liddat especially using the oyster mushroom (they put it on the side) and the mashed potato and ham pancake is really....how do I put it....a lil disgusting to me...However, the mint sauce is OK but the lamb leg is just normal. Nothing extraordinary. Conclusion, the whole thing is not my taste.
One of my fave=buckleberry pancakes...NYUMMY...the buckleberry with cream cheese pancakes are nice as well but if you don't really like the creamy texture in the middle of your pancake, then plain old buckleberry pancake should be enough.

Note: The ones in Queensbay is not as nice as the one in MidValley. Reason: The branch in Qbay has a way of minimising the ingredients...in this case, the berries but more on that later.

The one featured above is also very nice. However I forgot the name. Urgh.
The coffee with marshmallow or isit cocoa with marshmallow is very pretty isn't it? Doesn't it look as if there's a lil white flower in the drink? =)

This one is the peach tea. Um, should just buy a whole box from the supermarket and make yourself one at home. LOL. This is the set for two. Hm...however, like usual, they just cant resist from putting those mushrooms...><

Now, the set lunch:*grins*
You'll get a drink:1) Ice lemon tea, coffee or softdrinks
2) The main course

So far, I've only tried the Tokyo set, Brussel Set and another set with the scrambled eggs...forgot the nameTokyo set: I think it's OK only cause of the chicken's sauce but that's my opinion but I like the pannekoek (hope I spelt it rite) cause it reminded me of salad popiah since they add in vege and mayo inside. Plus, there's mashed potato even though I am not much of a fan of the greenish stuffs they put inside.The scrambled egg set: It's pretty simple but sumtimes, the simplest things are the best! Hehe
The Brussel set: NYUMMY! The galette is nice. It's crispy and mixed with the ham pieces and cheese = I can't stop eating after my first bite. Hehe. Wished they din put in the baked beans though. Blerk. Overall: NICE!

3) Dessert: Mini dollar pancake sundae

See and compare....the 1st one is taken from Mid Valley's branch...the 2nd was taken in Qbay branch...

Obviously there's a lot of difference...I love the 1st one and sadly the one in Qbay makes me really disappointed. They cut off a lot of stuffs in terms of the strawberry sauce (real stingy with it), the sprinkle of peanuts (none in Qbay branch), the spirit of making a sundae(the scrap of ice cream they put on was done like it was scooped by a 3-year-old at home).

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  1. the minidollar pancake sundae is my fave too!! ;)



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