Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sakae Sushi

Everyone was talking about how nice this shop's sushi was n etc so I finally went to see for myself about a fortnight ago. Hm...ended up eating the buffet as I reached there around 3 sumtink...One thing to it was that the sushi was way cheaper than any other Japanese shops/restaurants I usually frequented but maybe cause it's during the buffet...every single dishes I ordered were only available during the first round (at least for the ones I find nyummy). After that, when I ordered again for the same thing, it's always answered with "We're sorry but we ran out of this and that" which get me thinking they limit the customers to just a plate? of the nice ones? Since there wasn;t much people when I was there. Hmmmm......Despite all that, my friend and I still managed to eat up quite a lot of plates...LOL...and I did ordered a side dish...the potato looks really nice although it din taste as good as it looks...

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