Monday, 18 May 2009

Big Apple in Miri

Personally, I prefer J Co's to Big Apple...same goes for my sis but well, when there's no other choices, you can't be choosy. Big Apple's finally opened in Miri so Dad brought us there to buy some home as dessert...hahaha...sorta...
We chose some of the familiar flavours we are used to like the Chocoholics and Chocochinno (might spell dem wrong but you get my drift rite?) and decided to try the Durian flavoured one and the one on the 2nd row...the middle one is tried due to my pointing technique...(pointed the wrong one and since the sales guy had already put it in...decided not to mention it...)=P
NOTE: the durian one is enough with this one try...*hint* and the one with the berry...I find it OK but my sis doesn't like it...

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