Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Pasta Zanmai

For Japanese food, I'll definitely recommend Pasta Zanmai as one of the best one...=)
Their food was good and they don't crimp on the ingredients...
Best of all, their service was good during all of my visits...Yayyyy~
This is their unagi to atsuage tofu (Fried tofu topped with unagi) *slurp*slobber slobber* haha
You can really give them points for creativity as this is one of the best combination of unagi I've tasted. The crispiness (is there such a word?) of the tofu plus the soft unagi is really unbelievable. *drools* (Just RM13!!!)
This is their salmon sashimi salada (from the name u can prolly guess) - sald with slices of salmon. In this case, I chose the sesame dressing. Very nice. (RM18)
Next, their salmon salad no tortilla roll...(*no='s)...haha...Not bad...(RM9 only)
The fruit tea~~~(There's about 8 fruits if I counted correctly while I'm drinking..LOL)=The best fruit tea I've tasted...They used the peach tea (packet's I think and the taste is similar to Paddington's) and there's peaches, pear, li pear, strawberry, watermelon, cherry, orange, apple and...I think that's it. Hehe..(around RM 10 i think)
This is the ebi no mochi no cheese pizza (Uh, I don't really like it). The pizza's pretty tasteless and I don't like the mochi (sortof a glutinous rice pieces or sumthing) and there's a lot of the mushroom like the grilled mushroom in Paddington which I dislike.(RM26)
Unagi kabayaki set (just RM20!)
This is some sort of soda I ordered. Forgot the name...Passion fruit's i think...hmmm

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