Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Passion Corner, Miri

I went to this Taiwanese food shop for the very first time Last Sunday with my dad and sis. Hm...when I first went inside the shop, I couldn't help noticing the wallpaper which are all in the form of bamboo trees...we went up the 2nd floor and the seating is like those japanese style cubicle where you have to take off your shoes before entering and stuff. The set meals (without drinks) are pretty cheap i think...the starting price is RM10 to around RM16...
We ordered (a) Tea Duck Set, (b) Braised pork rib set and (c) the pineapple bitter-gourd chicken to share.
The Tea Duck Set - frankly I couldn't understand why there was just a small spot of sweet sauce given. Otherwise, I guess was pretty normal...it comes with some fruit salad, a lil salted vege and a bowl of clear soup.The pork rib set - uh, it comes with coleslaw and the fried seaweed which I don't really like ...the rib was...peppery-spicy....which reminded me of the taste of pig's intestine soup...uh...not rili sure how to name that soup...The pineapple bitter gourd with chicken soup...couldn't see any pineapple though...hm...also served with coleslaw and fried seaweed....the soup wasn't that bitter and was quite nice to me but my sis disliked this one...hehe...The cutest thing is that with every set, they will give a free dessert in the form of mango jelly...and each jelly was shaped differently in the form of cute lil animals...ours were in the form of a turtle, a teddy bear and another one was...hm...dun rmbr...lol
We also ordered some side orders but it is not very um...not out of the world but pretty decent I guess except for the deep fried chikuwa (it was introduced as a type of squid but when it arrived, it was actually the instant seafood easily purchasable at supermarkets...). All the same, the meat rolls and chikuwa was served with the sweet and spicy fish sauce and therefore, was OK I guess.
As for the drinks, this is the kiwi milk tea, but I can't really detect the hint of kiwi in it although there is a very strong vanilla flavour....hmm...
The green apple green tea...catchy name huh? A lil...bitter sourish? on the tongue
The best drink of the nite was lemon plum green

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