Wednesday, 20 May 2009

La Manila, Mid Valley

I think there is one shop in Gurney, Penang with the same name. However, I'm not sure whether it's the same one or not. Anyway, tried a few of their food as I was too tired to continue shopping while I was in Mid Valley a few months ago.
The Shepherd Pie looks nice at first glance but upon tasting it, well, I'm not too keen on it cause the sauce was a lil....too much...too much of assortment of mushroom especially the Chinese mushroom, thus making the taste too heavy... The lamb><
The Penang fried kuey was alright I guess...
The chocolate milk shake
Even though the food's not so WOW...but the service was good. Especially one of the Indonesian I think. Since I ordered too much, couldn't finish all the food but she was helpful enough to ask and helped me take away all those stuff....=)

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