Friday, 15 May 2009


I went to this unique lil cafe a lil while back...a few months ago while I was doing my practical in Penang. It's tucked in a lil corner in Queensbay...near GSC if I'm not mistaken. The decor is really pretty and special since it's using bathroom and toilet as the theme.

Note that all the chairs are in the form of toilet bowls? Even the table is actually basins and inside, they put some seashells etc so it's not that plain. I would actually give full marks for the creativity here. It's a good place for girlfriends to gather and chit-chat. The food's all served in mini toilet bowl and also bathtub too so it's actually quite interesting to see. Most importantly, the food is pretty good and is comparable to HK-chains like Kim Gary and Wong Kok.

Don't you think the shaved ice dessert look just so nyummy? My friend ordered it so I just had a taste. But in my opinion, they should change the vanilla ice cream that they put on it. Kinda spoiled the taste. However, it is still not bad.

The name's King Of Sh*t in Chinese...literally...ahhaha...kinda creative in my opinion though...ehheh...they actually used gigantic sausages and twisted them around to form a pile of what-look-like sh*t. It tasted pretty good actually with all those BBQ sauce poured upon them.

This is the cheese baked rice there-served in a mini toilet bowl. I think the cheese-baked-rice is a lil better than KG's but this was a while ago since I've been there so if there's any changes, then it's not my fault for recommending it. =)

Last but not least, the chicken chop burger or pork chop burger. Hm...not sure...they doused the meat in curry powder if I'm not mistaken but i LIKED it.*grins*

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