Sunday, 15 November 2015

15-minutes Dark Soya Sauce Chicken

This is another quick recipe I am fond of. The first 5-minutes involve boiling my egg and preparing my chicken and chopping my garlic. Furthermore, just FOUR (4) ingredients are needed to make this a quick meal.

Hard-boiled Egg (One)
Chicken drumsticks (Two)
Dark Soya Sauce (Three Tablespoon)
Garlic (Four to Five Cloves-Roughly chopped)

1) Marinate the Dark Soya Sauce on the chicken drumsticks while you are prepping.
2) Heat up oil and brown the garlic cloves.
3) Put the drumsticks in and brown the chicken under medium to high heat.
4) Rinse the bowl with about 300ml water and pour it into the pot as well.
5) Continue cooking (covered) for up to 10 minutes or until chicken is cooked. Leave the egg inside 5 minutes before the chicken is removed from heat.

Note: I added more dark soya sauce after I tasted because mine is the sweet soya sauce. If yours is the salty type, add more or less as necessary.

PS: Cooking time might differ according to the size of drumsticks. Mine is the scrawny ones so they take shorter time. Please leave them on small to medium heat if you are using more chicken or bigger sized ones. Poke through the chicken to make sure they are not raw inside. @@

I love my dark soya sauce boiled egg! Do you? :D

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