Friday, 27 November 2015

Quick Stir Fried Maggi

Sometimes the simplest food from home will be enough to crave your homesickness and satisfy your pangs of hunger. What easier way than to indulge in a plate of homemade-stir-fried instant noodles? This is popular in most "Mamak" (Muslim-Indian shops) back home and it only took a mere 15 minutes to prepare. It's probably going to take me longer than that for a trip out and back.

This simple dish was made from ingredients I scourged from my recent grocery trip, but feel free to add or decrease any items from my list.

1 pack of Maggi curry instant noodles (soaked in hot water to soften and put aside) - keep the seasoning packet
1-2 eggs
2 chicken franks (sliced) - optional
4 sticks of French beans (thinly sliced) -optional
1 tomato (cubed) - optional
2 tbsp of tomato sauce - replace with chilli sauce if you prefer it spicy
1 tbsp of chilli sauce 
1 large onion (thinly sliced or cubed)

1) Heat up oil and add the large onion to fry until translucent with light brown edges
2) Add any meat or chicken frank if you use any and fry them until slightly brown.
3) Stir in the French beans or any other veggies if you use any (veggie stalk first, let them wither before adding the leaves).
4) Add the soften noodles now together with the seasoning powder, chilli sauce and tomato sauce. Mix well.
5) Crack the eggs and cover them the rest of the ingredients. Let down cook a little before stirring them.
6) When all the eggs are not runny and ran towards a light golden color, remove all from heat and serve hot. 

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