Friday, 20 November 2015

Satria Agrowisata, Bali - Tea and Coffee Tasting

We came here on our third day in Bali after visiting Kintamani. We came here because I read a lot of reviews online and most people gave positive comments. Apparently our guide wanted to bring us to another plantation but since I insisted, he brought us here anyway. According to him, it looked nicer than the other one he usually brought tourists. Blerk! Yay to Google!

They have coffee growing on the tree~
And pipeapples too! 
See? Ripe coffee bean~

Even cocoas~
Before we went inside, there was a nice pebble walkway all the way to the main area where they have a shop selling their products and have the free tea tasting. There was even a lady who explained about the coffee roasting and I even got a chance to take a photo frying the coffee beans! 

The coffee smells good when they were still being roasted
After a few more photo snapping sessions, we were ready to try some tea! They ushered us to a small reception area where tables were laid out and each group was assigned a "hostess" of sorts.

 The coffee Luwak, beans taken from the poo of the Wild Luwak were cleaned and roasted on the plantation itself. However, only coffee for the guide is free. For tourists and visitors, each small cup would set you back around IDR50,000 (RM15). Only the tea tasting is free. I did not like the Luwak Coffee very much and preferred the normal coffee. You have to actually leave the coffee powder to settle before drinking as the Balinese style of making coffee does not involve the use of strainer.

If you are not a fan of coffee, the teas are pretty amazing on their own. I like their saffron tea as well as the lemon grass tea. Prices for the teas sold are pricier than what you would get outside but I guess the experience itself made it quite worthwhile.

It is worth a visit if you are in the Kintamani area. The farm's own Luwaks look adorable too!

Satria Agrowisata
Address: JL. Raya Tampaksiring, Kintamani Basangambu, Kec. Gianyar, Indonesia
Phone:+62 817-9793-020

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