Friday, 6 November 2015

So Pho, Tampines Mall

I was pretty sick of only food from the Food Court in Singapore, so I bugged my colleagues to try this Vietnamese shop even though they have been there before. :P

Initially I was a little excited because it has been a long while since I had any nice Vietnamese food and my expectations were a little high. 

I finally settled upon ordering a Grilled Chicken Baguette with Liver Pate. Yes, I know it sounds disgusting but I was feeling pretty adventurous. I decided to order the promotional Prawn Balls to go along with it whilst everyone else had a real main meal.

The baguette was quite alright; a little tough bread and the grilled chicken although small in portion, tasted well season with a hint of lemongrass. The liver pate on the other hand wilted my appetite. When eaten together with the chicken, mayo and salad, it was bearable but on my last few bites, it was pretty horrible and bitter.

The prawn balls fared a little better and the "skewer" they used was actually sugar cane so I had fun chewing on them! Heh! The prawn balls felt a lot like fishball instead but for SGD2.90, it was not bad at all. Average meal here costed slightly over SGD10 but definitely under SGD15. Pretty affordable I guess but it was not very impressive.

So Pho @ TampinesMall
4 Tampines Central 5
#04-30/31 Singapore 

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