Saturday, 28 November 2015

Peanut Chicken Recipe

Peanut butter is not just for your toast, people! Why not cook with it too? This is a really quick and simple recipe using the peanut butter you have sitting for months in the fridge. I used the chunky version (Skippy) but you can use any other brands as well!

1 tbsp peanut butter
2-3 tbsp chilli sauce or tomato sauce (a mixture of both will do too!)
Chicken breast fillets (I sort of butterflied them) - I marinated them with 2 tbsp of corn flour, salt and pepper for 15 minutes
Salt and pepper to taste

Note: I used corn flour to create a crispy outer layer for my chicken fillets. I also intend to make my dish a dry one, so no water is added. Half of a full chicken breast is used in this recipe.

1) Using a little oil, pan fry the chicken fillets to a golden brown. Remove from heat. 
2) With the same pan, add the chilli or tomato sauce and mix in the peanut butter. If they are too thick, add about a few tablespoons of water and reduce. 
3) Put the chicken into the mixture and make sure they are all fully covered.
4) Remove from heat and there you have it! A simple peanut butter sauce chicken!

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