Tuesday, 10 November 2015

89.7 Supper Club, Changi Village

My colleagues and I went for a sort of celebratory dinner after a project and we had a feast at this shop. From top-left in clockwise: Seafood fried rice, sweet and sour fish, Thai baby squid, Chicken in Buttermilk sauce, Fresh Mango juice, Cheesy fries, Mutton Ribs soup (Sup Tulang), Fried Baby Kailan in Oyster Sauce and Assortment of Satay (centre). This is one of the Halal eateries in the area. The best thing we ordered from this shop would probably be the Baby Squids and the kailan. I would not especially recommend any of the rest but maybe avoiding the butter milk chicken and mutton soup would be a wise move. The mango juice was quite watery and so are all the rest of the freshly squeezed juice because most of my other colleagues othered one or the other and everyone was complaining that they were all watery.

The advantages of this place would be their late hours and their halal food status. Other than that I would not make this place my first choice in eating out within Changi Village.

UPDATE: I went again with colleagues on our own and had the Seafood Crispy Noodles and Local Coffee. Surprisingly, these were good and I was pleasantly surprised. The seafood used were exceptionally fresh! Amazing for less than SGD5 a plate IMO.

89.7 Supper Club
#01-2035, 5 Changi Village Road, 
500005 Singapore

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