Monday, 30 November 2015

Hank's Meat & Wine Bistro, Miri

Another new cafe slash bistro just opened in Miri! Found a lot of reasonably priced stuff here with a nice selection of drinks.

Our current favourite cider drinks! Somersby!

However I was deeply disappointed by the overdone rib eye steak. I ordered medium rare but it came overdone and quite "light" instead of the darker crust I usually associate with good steak well cooked.

Seasoning on the steak was alright but the overdone condition made my experience a bit of a downer.

I also did not enjoy their pork chop as it was a little too doughy for my liking. The meat was flatten to a thin disc but covered in liberal baking soda or some sort of flour for softening effects, if I am not mistaken. They also gave the wrong sauce instead of the mushroom sauce we requested.

I would not really recommend this shop especially for the two dishes I mentioned. It was not a great experience for me but I guess you could always give one of their items on their extensive menu a try!

Hank's Meat & Wine
Lot 10165, Chong Shin Commercial,
Block 10, KBLD Pujut 7,
Tel: +6010-5660050

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