Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bali Itinerary Day 2 Part 1 (Taman Ayun-Jatiluwih-Candi Kuning-Ulu Bratan)

We started Day 2 bright and early at 9.30am. Since I had so much photos, I decided to split the post into two. We changed our Day 3 plans to Day 2 because Pak Made informed us that it was quite windy at the volcano today according to weather forecast, so we see no harm in changing the day around. This is because I posted differently in the Itinery Summary before our trip so in case you saw that, this is just a clarification.

We passed Kerobokan which has lots of nursery. The plants looked amazing from our vehicle. After that, we entered an area called Krapal which has lots of paddy field. It got pretty boring after a while even though at the start of the journey we were snapping pictures of all the scenery.

Selfies in the car because the journey to everywhere was sooooooooooooo long!

Pak Made was busy driving while we were busy taking selfies!

Pretty statue!

And the name is Taman Rama Shinta~
After hours and hours of driving, we finally reached our first destination: Taman Ayun Temple. The temple is a legacy from the Mengwi empire and the grounds covered a big pond. It might not look like the usual temple setup in Bali but definitely worth a visit. Sarongs are not necessary here. It was really sunny when we were there but like our guide said, it's better to be sunny than rainy! :) The area was quite picturesque in its own way and we had a lot of fun taking pictures all over the huge area.

From there we set off for Jatiluwih's famed paddy fields. It was just a quick stop for us. We quickly spent about 10 minutes wandering a little off to snap photos and take in the scenery before going back to the car.

I managed to dip my feet into the icy cold spring water from the mountains before a bunch of locals gargled their Colgate and washed their shower foam into the stream and the water flowed towards where I was standing. My fiance was about to dip his feet when he saw it and I can't stop laughing even when I recalled the look of horror on his face! :P

Next on the itinerary is the Candi Kuning Market. The vanilla pods are really cheaper here but bargaining more than half from their price is the way to go. Strawberries are available too. Bargaining is still the rule of thumb here. It is basically like a "tamu" or wet market. I wouldn't come back here unless buying spices and vanilla pods is on your agenda.

After a very quick round, we went on to the nearby Ulun Danu Temple. It is a pictureque place with a lake and beautiful Balinese temple with the Mount Beratan in the background. This place is associated with fertility and prosperity.

The area has a small enclosure with very tame mousedeers or baby deers which are gentle and friendly enough to like pats. Once you walk near, they will come near and wait for pats. Haha...adorable!!!

We brought out the strawberries we bought in Candi Kuning Market to eat in the beautiful gardens. The place was breezy and it was enjoyable to sit around even though it was early afternoon.
Check out my strawberries from the Candi Market!

Check out my HUGE strawberry!

The beautiful lake is just a few steps away from the gardens. I actually like the gardens better but there was a lot of people there snapping photos of themselves jumping and all. :)

Next up, our Part 2 of Day 2!

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