Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Seoul Garden, Miri

Seoul Garden has recently started a branch in Miri. This Korean BBQ franchaise has always been quite popular in West Malaysia for their outrageous amount of choices when it comes to marinated meat. Add a mix of Asian food buffet from sushi to kimchi and fried rice to fried chicken, the crowd is understandable. 

For about RM49 per adult, it could be a little pricey if you are a small eater. The hotpot soup in the Miri branch only has two choices: normal ie ginseng soup or hot & spicy.

Some of the more notable marinades include coffee chicken, satay chicken and many more. I personally did not really like the coffee chicken as it felt a little cloying and the sweetness of the marinade takes some getting used to.  

I would say making the member card a day or two before your visit especially if you plan on coming in a big group would make it more worthwhile. For now all credit card privileges are not yet available in this branch too.

They are located on the third floor of Permaisuri Mall Miri at the new wing. 

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