Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Ocean Bar & Restaurant, Tanah Lot

Just outside the entrance for Tanah Lot, this eatery is probably taking a huge profit from all the hoards of hungry tourists flocking to this famous attraction.  Food here might pricier compared to warungs but for the view and the reasonable quality, it made the bill pretty worthwhile especially if you were passing by. It was breezy because of the close proximity to the beach (Tanah Lot, remember?) and we lingered over our drinks before proceeding to Tanah Lot.

Even the tissue box deserved a shot!

We ordered one Nasi Campur and one Chicken Betutu. This way, it enabled us to check these two food off our to-eat list. The Nasi Campur was IDR65,000 and my Ayam Betutu was IDR60,000. With two coconuts (IDR30,000 each) with service charge and government tax, the bill came up to about IDR180,000. 

The skewers of satay was average even though only lean meat was used. The portion of rendang (spiced beef) and turmeric chicken was quite good. We both did not like the vegetables and did not finish. They have a strong preferance to use turmeric and coconut milk to stir-fry their veggies here and somehow we both do not really like it. The tempe (deep fried soya bean batter) was surprisingly delicious and tasted nothing like what we found in Malaysia!

The chicken Betutu was a spiced grilled chicken and tasted of a light turmeric flavour with a quite strong ginger smell. I do not fancy the "kangkung" but overall the whole dish was alright for me. The chicken thigh was tender and deep-fried I think. I like the chilli paste or "sambal" that came with the dish though.

The refreshing young coconut completed my meal!

I would recommend this restaurant for two reasons alone. The convenience during a visit to Tanah Lot and the magnificent view from its terrace and the breeze that came with it!

The Ocean Bar & Restaurant
Tambanan, Tanah Lot,

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