Thursday, 5 November 2015

Loyang Way Food Village, Singapore

The avocado shake here is one of my fave drinks in Singapore! They use "Gula Melaka" for it and tasted better than the Indonesian version which uses chocolate sauce. The avocado "shake" is thick and chilled just oh-so-right for a hot day! It's just SGD3...

My first day at the office would probably meant an order of the curry chicken rice. It is my usual go-to food in the food court. At SGD4, this is a very affordable and filling lunch option. The meat used (I usually requested for breast) are usually tender and I love the spicy creamy coconut broth that accompanies it. The mild chilli meant my low tolerance for hot food was not disturbed. 

This same stall also sells the usual chicken rice and it's quite tasty as well. I sometimes have the roasted chicken rice along with an additional egg. The total would be about SGD 3.50.

Charsiew+ Roast Pork Rice = SGD 3.50
Charsiew Rice = SGD 3
Roast Pork Rice = SGD 3
Roast Duck Rice = SGD 3

So why is my Charsiew+ Roast Pork + Duck Rice = SGD6.50? 😱😭

It was alright and I like the crispy skin the roast pork yield but the Charsiew was a little disappointing. The roast duck was quite tender and had crispy skin too. 


  1. Well, to me, this pan mee is overrated, as compared to Chilli Pan Mee Bandar Menjalara or Jojo's Little Kitchen. Los Angeles Catering

  2. Hi, I am not sure whether is your comment wrongly posted because this post is not about any Pan Mee?



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