Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Al-Asna Restoran, Miri - A Review

Their teh tarik kurang manis definitely means exactly that. You will rarely get this in most mamak when you request for less sugar so for me, this is a pro, for sure.

I like their roti telur. It was crispy, the way I like them. The condiments or sauces were a disappointment though. Except for the dhal, the rest were pretty watered down.

Roti sardin was only average as I found the sardine on the tasteless side. The dough was still crispy but the filling made it a let-down.

Thosai was not bad but again, the coconut sauce accompanying it was not as good as Banana Leaf's.

Service was good and friendly though so I would be back for their roti telur and  teh tarik kurang manis. 

Look for them in Pelita Commercial Centre, opposite the Fruit Market.

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