Sunday, 25 October 2015

New Food Court in Miri (Lung Meng Enterprise & Co)

I'm Food court like these are extremely rare in Miri. This one finally opened not too long ago and the choices are simply mind-boogling. The food are cheap and most are good so the amount of people during the weekend would be immense. However, the ambience would be somewhat lacking and the heat would be pretty high especially on a hot day, fuelled by the constant frying and cooking from all the stalls.

The Penang fried kueh tiaw was quite disappointing with bitter burnt taste. However, it is slightly cheaper at RM5 compared to another stall I frequent. The noodles are aplenty but the ingredients quite little and it is not salty?

The fried dumplings were good and for RM8, you get 10 pieces. 

I would be back for more updates when I tried their other offers especially their Laksa Special which looks amazing when I saw from the neighbouring table.


Next to the Bulatan Roundabout and Boulevard Hypermarket Pujut Miri

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