Thursday, 15 October 2015

Good Economical Noodles at KLCC - A Review

Food in KLCC are usually pricey as they catered mostly to tourists. There are never shortage of choices as you have lots of fast food chains, middle range dining options as well as fine dining ones. For the working employees, your best bet would probably be the ones from the food court in both Level 2 and Level 4 at Suria KLCC. 

MOST tourists would probably head on to Level 2, but I find the Level 4 food are better. Maybe I am a little biased as I love the Local's Fave: Kaya Toast & Soft-boiled eggs + a cup of Local Coffee for my breakfast, so I usually bug my fiance to go to the food court on Level 4 as they have one of the best Kaya Toast in town. Today, I would definitely recommend their Chicken Mushroom Wantan Noodles Soup as the broth was fantastic! The noodles were fine and springy too! Their wantan was not really to my liking but the broth and noodles more than made up for it. For RM8.30, this is one of the cheapest find in Suria KLCC unless you go for the Roti Canai on Level 2 or fast food during promotional hours.

I would NOT recommend their Chicken Kuehtiaw Soup though. The smell of the brothturned me offprobably because  they soaked some greasy, old-oil infused fishball thingie inside. 

Do look out for them at the second stall at the KLCC's Level 4 Food Court! :)))

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