Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Blue Rabbit, Miri - A Review

It was my first day back in Miri and as we were driving around Marina Bay area  where all the new shoplots are, we passed by this new shop: The Blue Rabbit. We were attracted by its beautiful Tiffany Blue colour framing the doorway. The interior was very reminiscent of a mix of Victorian + rustic looks so popular lately with all the new cafes.

The prices of the food was higher than medium-range nearing food from plushier joints. Starting prices would be somewhere around RM21 and above unless you are going to go for plain snack food. They are going for a Japanese-Italian fusion kind of menu cum drinking hole; and I like what they put in their menu. It was interesting and definitely something different.

They provide free sky juice too! Haha. Anyway, I had their small banana milkshake but it was quite disappointing as I couldn't seem to taste any fresh bananas even though I specifically asked if they use fresh bananas inside.

The charcoal bun burger with crispy soft-shelled crab was HUGE and the accompanying fries were crispy and generous in terms of serving. The soft-shelled crab used was still crispy and juicy once you take the first bite. For RM25, I felt this was worth every cent!

The spicy soft-shelled crab ramen was not as good. I felt that the noodles used was like from the slightly pricier instant noodles and the broth was nothing to shout about. Again, the soft-shelled crab was good. Will we order this again? Nope! 

Overall, this shop offers pretty unique menu and reasonable prices for their house wines and liqueur. However, I doubt that most Mirians are willing to splurge for their meals for a new cafe especially if they can get Italian food from an old-timer like Fratini's for the same price.

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