Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bee Ho Restoran, Miri - A Review

This coffee shop is fast replacing WZT Cafe as our new favourite breakfast place in Miri. They have a wider selection of "kuih" nowadays as compared to WZT. As that's my Dad's fave, this place usually gets a vote from him.

Above we have a few variety to share. Most of them were pretty good except the yellow tapioca one which was a little harder than usual and the "chai kueh"'s turnip was not cooked enough; yielding a rather crunchy filling. 


More kuih:

The dry noodles here are usually good. However I wanted to have something different and told them to make me the one with kicap (dark soya sauce) but it was slightly too salty. I like their normal dry noodles better.

The main star of this coffee shop in my opinion is their Yong Tau Hu or TauhuChap as they called it. It's usually served with noodles inside the soup or dry noodles with the soup as a side but we usually prefer to have the soup on its own. The stuffed ingredients are always on the smaller side but broth has always been wonderfully fragrant and sweet. Their stuffed chilly is a little spicy for me but do try them out for yourself! 😊

Their curry rice was excellent as well! Although the pork was quite fatty. The dark soya sauce broiled egg was nyum too laced with a spiced broth.

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