Saturday, 24 October 2015

Alley Kitchen & Bar, Miri - A Review

We finally came and try this place after seeing it around each time we finished our dinner at a nearby coffee shop. Turns out this place offers a mix of affordable Chinese and Western. The choices of Chinese rice sets are plenty and very affordable from RM6.90 onwards. Western food like Chicken Chop, Lamb Chop, etc and a mix of pasta and pizza starts at about RM13.90 onwards to a maximum of RM19.90. Pretty cheap I think...they have a very long list of beers as well so avid beer drinkers especially for choices other than the usual Heineken or Carlsberg could probably try out this place for more variety. However, the prices might be slightly higher than you would get at a normal coffee shop probably because you get Aircon and nice music playing the whole night through. Or you can opt to sit outside as well.

The complaints I have about this place would probably be the amount of mosquitoes despite being seated inside. I think they left the door open for quite a while before I came.

The apple and cucumber juice was quite disappointing as the ratio of cucumber far outweighed the apple. It tasted of cucumber only. So definitely not recommended. 

The lemon Ribena faired better but you can't mess up a premade drink right? So, next!

The spaghetti Aglio Oglio with prawns and squid was quite good although it packed more heat than what you would expect from the usual Aglio Oglio. The prawns and squids were exceptional and juicy; the kind you would expect from fresh seafood. 

I had the lamb chop with BBQ sauce and was quite disappointed. The sauce was more like a watered down BBQ sauce tempered with lots of tomato sauce. C'mon, I would have asked for tomato sauce instead of BBQ if that was what I wanted right? Anyway the positive point was the lamb was tender and coleslaw crunchy and nyum! 

The service was fast and we barely looked at our phones before the drinks arrived and followed promptly by a succession of our orders. For that alone, thumbs up and I will give them another go maybe try out their Chinese choices. Maybe for a change of scene, this place could be one of the choices for your next dinner? 

They are at:

Alley Kitchen and Bar
Lot 2140, South Yu Seng Road,

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