Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Banana Leaf Indian Food, Miri - A Review

Indian food are harder to come by in Miri and the amount of Indian shops can probably be counted on just one hand, maybe two? This is one of my family's favourite whenever we feel like having some Indian food. 

They have some of the best iced Bandung in Miri, a sweet concoction of evaporated milk or condensed milk with rose syrup. Most shops ended up making them too watery and I do not enjoy that but Banana Leaf made theirs thicker in terms of Rose syrup fragrance so double thumbs up!

They have excellent thosai as well; crisp on the outside and soft with a defined tang of soury goodness! Even their accompanying sauces are top notch. Their slightly spicy coconut milk sauce goes well with the thin crisp of a dough and the dhal are excellent with bits of lentils and vegetables inside. 

Another notch on their impressive belt is their lamb murtabak. They use chunks of tenderised lambs spread generously over the egg and onions-laden dough cooked to perfection. My only grip is that their lamb murtabak is never enough!

Their naan on the other hand is quite unpredictable. I used to like it but when I went today, the naan was still a little underdone and the taste felt doughy. I suspected they were rushing it as they did not prepare it when I ordered and after we finished everything and reminded them, they only started preparing it.

The accompanying chicken tandoori was reasonably tasty although slightly spicier than what I am used to.

A visit would be worth it but the price tag might be slightly higher than what you would get in a mamak shop in the West.

Banana Leaf
Centre Point Miri

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