Sunday, 11 October 2015

Restoran Foon Lock, Bentong - A Review

My fiance and I were going to go for our pre-wedding course somewhere in Genting and we were famished. So we decided to drop by this old-school coffee shop for a quick lunch. We had approximately 40 minutes to order plus finish the meal and be on our way so we won't be late. This place sells all sort of cookies and local biscuits with fresh fruits and vegetables just a little to the side of the shop. 

I have always loved their Fig Soup but since it was quite far compared to other shops nearby our neighbourhood or even offices, this shop is only frequented when we were on our way to Genting ;) They do have quite a negative review online according to some blogs I stumbled upon when I was trying to get the full address of this shop, but I beg to differ.

My fiance was really, really hungry so we went for four dishes for our lunch. A little on the heavy side but the food was so good plus the hunger factor kicked in and we finished everything in record time. We had the stir fried watercress which was quite nice especially the crunchy bits of garlic on top, even though I was more used to watercress being cooked in soup. 

The soup was really nyummy and I would recommend trying it at least once. It was, and still is something I have never had in soup at home or elsewhere. The dried fig used would be slightly on the mushy side, but the sweetness and its tangy flavours would be an experience especially if you have never had any before. The pork ribs were still moist and tender too so you could actually eat them up if there are still space in your tummy.

Prawns omelette was alright, the prawns were quite succulent; you know the way fresh prawns are "springy" and juicy when you pop them into your mouth? However, it was not especially a stand-out. :) 

The crispy pork belly on the other hand, takes an acquired taste I think. If you like suckling pig or eating pork crisps, this would definitely be a favourite. On the other hand, if you are more of a lean meat kind of person, maybe this would not be your cup of tea. The sauce used was delicious in my opinion, and the crispy pork belly was just crispy enough and not hard as shared by some bloggers. I guess opinions on food would be pretty subjective. My fiance didn't really like this dish but I like it. Hahaha..

If you happened to be on your way to Genting, instead of having your meals in some of the overpriced restaurants or the fast food chains up there, why not give this little shop in a rustic settings a try?

Restoran Foon Lock
84, Kg. Bukit Tinggi,
28750 Bentong Pahang, Bentong 28750,

Tel: 09-2330170

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