Thursday, 8 October 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2 - A Review

I finally went to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 with my fiance and baby sister after so long. I was really looking forward to it especially since there were so much hype about it for the past month. The movie picked up from when Mavis was getting married to Johnny up to them getting baby Dennis. It was all great until Dennis did not seem to be a "monster" i.e. baby Dracula. Vampa Drac was worried as Dennis looked more and more like his father and no visible fangs popped up yet despite his 5th birthday coming up the horizon.

When Mavis decided to check out Johnny's hometown whether it would be suitable for Dennis and meet her in-laws too, Vampa Drac decided to bring Dennis on a road trip with his monster buddies to try scare some fangs out of the boy. All efforts failed and their funny antics along the way were pretty humourous...until Mavis saw part of the "effort" and rushed home.

I like the part where they incorporated how older generation try to fit in with the new smart phones and various apps, the humour in that was so close to the heart :)

Anyway, when it seemed that Dennis was going to be a human boy after all, Mavis decided to stay until his 5th birthday before moving away. She insisted upon inviting Grandpa Vlad to it and he brought along his servant Bela who seemed hell-bent on hating humans... Grandpa Vlad tried to possess a performer to scare little Dennis so he would sprout his fangs but seeing how scared Dennis was, Drac shielded him and broke the spell.

Drac realised then that no matter his grandkid is a vamp or not, he is still his grandkid and he loves him regardless!!! *Awwww*


However, in the heat of all the shouting and arguments, Dennis got upset and ran off with Winnie, his werewolf friend. When Bela tried to attack them upon finding out that Dennis was human, Winnie got hurt protecting him. That finally forced Dennis to sprout his fangs to defend his friend. It ended pretty abruptly with Bela calling upon his bat-minions to attack them and the Drac family to the rescue. All's well when Bela got turned into a small bat by Vlad and everyone was safe.

This was a good family-oriented flick with some humour thrown in. However, compared to the first Hotel Transylvania, this was a let-down, especially when some of the jokes seemed to miss the mark. I preferred its predecessor but all in all, this was still a good children friendly flick.

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