Sunday, 25 October 2015

Mama-Mia, Miri - A Review

We were planning to try out Escapade in Tanjong Lobang but after being brusquely turned away, we went to Mama Mia downstairs instead. This was not our first time but the service was as slow as we remembered. LOL. However, their service was really good and I guess the amount of people there made it impossible for the kitchen to cope. We actually enjoyed our meal immensely and spent some time chatting over our drinks.

We ordered (from clockwise starting on top-right) Lychee Martini, Pear Cider and Honey Apple Cider. I love the Pear Cider most! The Apple Cider was slightly more "beer-ry" than the Pear; but that might be because of the brand difference. One was Somersby and the other was Strongbow. Somersby is always lighter than Strongbow so it depends on your personal preferences when ordering. The Lychee Martini was... Alright I guess. It just seemed special as they served it right at your table and poured it personally there as you can see below too. 

The baby octopus salad came with the Japanese sesame dressing which I have always loved and a sprinkling of flavoured seaweed pieces. Romaine lettuces both green and purple made it look really pretty. They tasted good mainly because of the dressing but it's not exactly a great showcase of their chef. Haha. 

The Nachos with Pork was again nyum! Nachos was warmed throughout on a pan served together with a dollop of sour cream, a scoop of blitzed olives and minced pork in tomato purée. I loved it but again, it might be because the Nachos was flavoured. Haha. Great finger food though.

The Hawaiian Pizza was slightly disappointing especially the wait for one would be about 20 minutes or more. They were generous with the mozzarella but I find the dough a little on the undercooked side and the overall presentation was not impressive as well from the pale crust to the watery looking cheese.

I would suggest trying their Mama Mia pasta and pizza instead, and their banana shake is one of my favourite. However, avoiding the weekends would be better as I find their pizza fared better during non-peak hours.

Mama Mia
Taman Selera,
Tanjong Lobang,

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