Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Whisk Outpost, 1 Utama - A Review

For a coffee break, the fiance decided to bring me to a small cafe he spotted during our last visit. Yes, we are 1 Utama's biggest fan, or rather, I am. Hehe!

My first impression of the cafe was....it is a really small, funky place. The smell of coffee is in the air and the menu looks simple enough to make our choices. The only thing that grabbed my attention at first was the bright macaroons. He remembered my love for those sweet little things and asked whether I wanted some. However, the bright colors scared me off a little. I don't know about you guys but bright colors in food makes me cringe a little inside. I usually wouldn't order them but I don't mind some spots of light coloring.

They had a wide selection of home-made cakes I think. My sister and daddy would probably be happy to order some to try but I don't feel too hungry and opted just for coffee since I did not want my macaroons. Do check out their cute little water dispensing area and just for future reference, sugar is comunal so please return them once you are done with them to the pillar/stand in the middle.

My latte was good and they called it espresso with milk instead of plain old latte. He had a bottled brew which was pretty fragrant and without sugar or milk.

I think this place is worth visiting if it is just to rest your tiny feet after a whole day of shopping in 1 Utama. They have a very small space only so maybe visiting and planning to chit chat over coffee would be a bad idea. A quick stop and some coffee + cake sounds about right for this funky little cafe. 

Visit them at:

    Bandar Utama G139, Ground Floor, Old Wing, One Utama Shopping Centre, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, 47800, Malaysia

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