Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Peranakan Place, 1 Utama - A Review

This is one of the usual place we go when we feel like having some Nyonya dishes in 1 Utama. I wouldn't say the food is out of this world but it is not terrible either. There are some places where I would have preferred to get my say, Penang rojak from but it might not be as convenient. 

The setup is pretty reminsicent of the old Nyonya houses with their old-school decoration, the black and red basket for food cum lights in this place, and their artsy wooden wall hangings. Price- wise it is slightly high for normal Asian food but since it is in a mall, that could be excused.


We had a couple of dishes to share. I would not recommend the Rojak, although I like their keropok on the side. I find it a little odd to include "kangkung" in the rojak and the prawn paste was not very good either. The "pai tee"s on the other hand were nice and they were pipping hot when served. I especially like the freshness that the cilantro lent to the bite-size appetiser although the faux crab meat slice could have been given a miss. Their local tea and coffee were both pretty good too...

The stuffed fish was...average i would say. I do not appreciate the cold, old hard boiled egg though and you can even see it was already slightly brownish... The ju hu char on the side was quite good. It tasted better when recooked which was what happened here I suspect but oh well.

The Peranakan platter which consisted of the same old egg, grilled chicken and fish with sides of petai prawns with sambal and ju hu char was overall, a winner. Again, I wish they did not bother putting the unappetizing boiled egg on the side as it made my opinions of their food plummet even more.

Would I recommend this place? I am not sure. What do you think? Do they warrant a visit?

Anyway, their addresss is:
    Lot F221C, 1st Floor Promenade, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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