Monday, 26 October 2015

Ha-Shi Sushi, Miri - A Review

There is plenty of new restaurants and cafes popping up around Miri lately so this one is also my first time. Ha-Shi Sushi is located right in front of Imperial Mall Miri, so you won't miss it if you pass by. 

The deco and setup looks pretty simple, and it was relatively empty (just one other table) when we walked in during lunch. Service was fast and waitresses were friendly. Refills of green tea were really quick and they can spy your half empty cups from afar! LOL

Let's look at their sushi. Prices were relatively affordable, somewhat similar and cheaper than Sushi King (most of the small plates sushi), although still quite far from Sushi Zanmai, or even Brunei's Escapade. The presentation were pretty although I felt the sharp cheddar used on their sushi with cheese detract the taste from the delicate flavours of the sashimi or other seafood. The avocado slices used on some of the sushi was quite stingy too.

The price of two pieces of sashimi was similar to two pieces of sushi (RM3.80). If you look at it, you would expect the sashimi slices to be slightly bigger than the ones with sushi but sadly, they were all smaller. Maybe order the sushi next time and just eat the sashimi on top? Taste-wise, the sashimi were alright although not as cool as I would like them to be.

My chuka wakame or preserved seaweed faired alright too but since this is also ready-stock of sorts, that is to be expected.

Check out my unagi roll. You can hardly taste the unagi inside because the amount used was just so negligible. Urgh! Even the cucumber slices were bigger. Such a disappointment. I would rather they charge a little extra but make it better so at least the unagi would be taste-able. Mind you, at RM16.80, it is not that cheap because that is pretty similar to what Sakae is charging too.

The fish floss with prawns sushi was a disappointment. The fish floss did not taste really good and had a weird soap-ish taste to it (dirty or not properly cleaned utensils maybe?) and the size of the roll was ostensibly huge. The tiny sliver of prawn used did not feel significant enough for this to be called a prawn sushi but oh well! 

Refer to my comments about the sharp cheddar they used above for this cheese shrimp sushi.

I am undecided whether I felt strongly enough about some of their food to not warrant any new visits; as the service was good and some of their food were quite alright. What will you do? Oh and for all of the above, the bill came up to below RM70 and no tax :)

Ha-Shi Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Lot 750, Ground Floor,
Jln Merpati, Miri

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