Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Surya Cafe, Jimbaran Bay Seafood, Bali - A Review

We were supposed to go to Menega Cafe, but despite the fact that it was just 5.40pm, there were no more available tables. Lots of tables were not occupied but we're informed that they were already  booked. Whatttttt??? The waiting list has four names on it already and even the first name on the list meant a wait of about an hour. We decided to forget about it and was about to ask our driver to send us elsewhere when we were waved enthusiastically by a couple of waiters from two neighbouring shops. My fiancĂ© knew I was looking forward for the dinner by the beach to watch the sunset so I could tick it off my to-do list, told me we could always go there and seafood grilled would all taste pretty similar. Blerk! Yes, I got the lack of enthusiasm from that sentence alone. Anyway, we decided  on Surya Cafe and settled for a table quite near the water-line.

Their menu looked slightly more expensive from Menega, (Yes, I googled even the menus from various cafes nearby before I even went). After some contemplation, we decided on the cheapest set for two. Even so, the cheapest was still a whopping RM120+21%. As we settled into our seats and busied ourselves with selfies and pictures of the sunset, and our drinks arrived pretty promptly. We sipped our Bintang and people watched for a while until we realised our food would not be coming as fast as we thought when the nearby tables which were occupied before we were even seated has yet received their food. @@ Good thing the view compensated for the wait and we were naturally talkative people.
A wait of nearly 45 minutes paid off when our food arrived and they were super DELICIOUS! I think I like the seafood here better than the one at Kai's Place where we had seafood the day before we came to Bali. 

Before they were turned into scrumptious grilled seafood galore:

After they were grilled to perfection!

Initially I thought grilled seafood meant just slapping all the seafood on a BBQ Pit and be done with them. I was wrong! They were marinated with their special sauce, then grilled with care. The skewered cuttlefish (satay) was really tender and not tough at all. I like the turmeric and lemongrass tasted laced into the little skewers.

The fish was huge for two person and was delicious too. The prawns were superb and you can taste the juicy freshness when you bite into them. But my personal favourite was the clams! I think the only disappointment for me is their sambal belacan kangkung which was alright but not especially impressive.

I like their condiments too! The sambal was excellent and I liked the chilli with dark soya sauce too. I don't understand the garlic oil thingie but they all tasted great with the seafood, yes even the garlic oil. Their chilli were mild so it was great news for people like me who couldn't tolerate too much spiciness in their food.

Why go Menega when you can enjoy equally beautiful view from a table or two away unobstructed unlike in Menega where the tables were packed! A few extra dollars would be well worth their value if you get some of the best view and good quality food don't you agree? 

PS: if food here was long, guess the fully booked Menega would be longer, no?

Surya Cafe
Jl Four Seasons Hotel, Jimbaran,

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