Sunday, 25 October 2015

Route 66 Cafe, Miri - A Review

Another new cafe checked off my to-visit list! This cafe was hidden behind the blocks of shophouses and we passed it a few times before after going to Lutong area. Today we decided to drop by after viewing a few shophouses in SouthLake Residences. Nearly RM1.25 million for a semi-detached villa was nearly enough to make my hunger go away. LOL 

Anyway, back to the cafe, they have wonderful instrumental music playing and some of the food are pretty good. 

The environment has an eclectic, modern look to it and I think it's Halal since there were a few Muslim patrons. Cakes and light snacks are on the menu with plenty of choices for coffee and tea. 

Most of the food are RM10.90 each and drinks are in the RM5-12.90 range. I love their chicken ham croissant and wolfed it down in seconds! The "Amazing Chicken Pie" was a let-down though. Tasteless fillings made it a shame as the crust was pretty good actually. We had the salted caramel cupcake which was quite nice even though the salty part was missing. The cupcake was warmed throughout and the rich chocolate used made it very nyummy. A crunchiness lent from the cookies crumble on top made it near perfect!

We had the cappuccino which was pleasant enough although the hot green tea latte was a little too sweet and slightly too diluted with the amount of milk used.

Would I recommend Cafe 66? Hmm, I would say yes. Just don't order the pie and the green tea latte. Haha.

Route 66 Cafe
Lot 1401 Parent Lot 991
Lutong, Miri

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