Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Jingwood Cafe, Miri - A Review Part 2

Usually when I visit here, I come for their economical and nyummy Western food although economical might be history already nowadays with their frequent price increment. Well, either that or I would probably buy my Chee Cheong Fun from Uncle Tan, one of the best in Miri and he also had a branch in another Kopitiam during the day. 

Anyway, the Western was closed today and I ended up trying the Satay from a stall here and had some Taiwanese sausages while waiting for the arrival of my VIP. Blerk!

The satay was slightly more expensive for an open air coffee shop. RM1/skewer and they have pork, chicken, lamb and beef. They were all AMAZING! Soft and tender meat generously marinated with spices. The beef might be slightly tougher than the others but still tasted good! Their peanut sauce was very good as well although it was on the stingy side.

I like their Fried Chicken Chop. I ordered Popcorn Chicken but they gave me slices  of the Chicken Chop instead. Nyum!

The Taiwanese sausage was normal as these are pre-packed so you get the picture. They served it with chilli powder on the side though. 

Maybe more satay when I come next time for my Western food fix!

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