Saturday, 24 October 2015

Murano Cafe, Miri - A Review

When you have nowhere to go and simply refuse to stay home for whatever reason, this is one of the places in Miri you can opt to hang out at for hours listening to music or just bring your laptop to surf. Have some tea sets or even a meal or two to pass the afternoon away. They have plug points all over the place so it's pretty convenient to charge your electronics too. 

Food was alright here, not exceptional but it's OK given the ambience and all. Usually I like the tea set (available only from 2-4pm) and the kid's set but today we opted to share a single high tea set as it was already quite late in the afternoon. We chose the fruit tea for the choice of drinks that come with the set.

For RM32.90, the tea set was pretty affordable. The portion seemed to go down already from when they first started but with the rather slow economy, I guess that is to be expected. The positive point here would probably be they cut down the sugar in their desserts especially their macaroons. The scones got slightly harder though.

Cafe Murano
Lot 2972
GRD GLR Block 2, Phase 2,
Mcld at Jln Pujut 7/Pujut 5C,

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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if this cafe still exists since I couldn't find their facebook page nor got a hold of them via their tel no.



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